Your company, whether big or small, MUST have a China strategy.

Unlike Western democratic countries, China has a clear, succinct and well-documented strategy. It is a “planned economy”, so when it says it’s going to do something, it almost inevitably does.

This gives you clear direction for the sectors, industries and opportunities to focus on.

Therefore there are many short and medium term opportunities for small business owners, entrepreneurs and investors like you.

However, getting your business involved with China is rarely a simple process.

That’s where David Thomas comes in.

David Thomas, keynote speaker, thought leader and business futurist. David inspires, motivates and educates global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors about the massive potential offered by the new China. He takes them on a journey to identify, build and facilitate long-term business and investment relationships.

David's unique value is his ability to identify business trends, opportunities and challenges in China. He regularly travels around China, working with local partners and investors, as well as hosting Chinese delegations and missions of investors, SMEs and entrepreneurs around the world.

Having worked on the ground for 30 years, he has practical examples, case studies and anecdotes that  invigorate his presentations and consulting.

Moreover, having worked with SMEs from many industry sectors, David's experience and expertise is broad and deep. These industries include retail, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, food, tourism, education, publishing, real estate, design and technology.

He regularly speaks at Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Board Meetings to a wide range of audiences and tailors each presentation accordingly. Find out more about David’s personal story in an interview with the China Daily Asia

David Thomas an expert speaker on China talks about doing business in China in one of the major conference hosted in Australia