China Bites 2019

In this new eBook, China Bites 2019, I’ve compiled some of the trending issues, interesting and relevant news, quotes and commentary about what’s happening in China, and why it matters.  -China’s Innovation & Technology -US-China Trade War -China’s Economy -Chinese Culture -Domestic Economy Plus I’ve written some of my own views gathered from my daily […]

My China Insights: How Business Gets Done

This is my first major book on China and it summarises the many observations, insights and opportunities that I have uncovered during my regular trips to China over the past 30 years. I have focused on business, particularly for global SMEs and entrepreneurs, and identified some of the trends, opportunities, industries, cities and regions that […]

The Gateway

We live in the Asian Century. In the coming decades, China, Japan, India and Indonesia will rise to become among the largest economies in the world, driven by an explosion of innovation, productivity and domestic consumption from their large and fast growing middle class and high net worth populations. Smaller Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, […]

China Shaping the New World Order

I am delighted to offer you a copy of my new e-Book, “China – Shaping the New World Order” which includes a collection of articles from recent issues pointing out the significant shifts taking place around the world, with China at the centre. The particular points I have covered in this eBook are: Hawks v […]

The 9 Business Essentials to Kickstart your Success in China

Regular visitors to the famous Yu Garden in the Old City of Shanghai will know of the “Nine Bend Bridge” which links the beautiful gardens to the famous Huxinting Teahouse (built in 1855) enabling thirsty and weary travellers to safely cross the artificial lake to enjoy an immensely satisfying cup of China’s finest tea. The […]

Ultimate Guide to Entering the China Market for SMEs

Having been involved in facilitating business in China for the past 30 years, we understand that entering the China market can be very challenging, particularly for SMEs who don’t have access to the capital, resources and networks available to the bigger companies. China is steaming ahead in 2022. Consumers are buying, business is booming and […]

Four Critical Success Factors to WIN in China

Whilst it’s tempting to get on a plane to China to start shaking hands, exchanging business cards and attending Chinese banquets, you will be wasting your time, money and energy until you’ve done some comprehensive market research. China is not one market, it’s many markets, each with different characteristics, opportunities and challenges, and the place […]

Year of the Rat

This is my second book on the topic of China, “The Year of the Rat”, which is my account of the geo-political and economic drama of last year which, with the benefit of hindsight, saw the world grappling with so much more than just a global pandemic.  As well as tracking the early days and […]

3 Cups of Tea

Despite some of China’s significant economic advances in recent times, their approach to doing business remains refreshingly similar to the way they’ve done business over the past one thousand years i.e they only do business with people they know, like and trust. There are no shortcuts. If you want to do business in or with […]

5 Reasons to Invest in China

Eight Reasons to Invest in China offers a compelling case for investors to pay close attention to what’s happening in China, and to start researching and assessing the investment opportunities that fit their risk profile. 1. China is the Second Largest Economy in the World 2. China’s Domestic A Share Market is Broad, Deep, Liquid […]