Interviewed in episode 1 of ‘After the Pandemic’, an important contribution to the discussion about the Australia-China business relationship, especially the importance of the Chinese community in building the bridge back to China.

Introduction to David Thomas, China Business Expert
David Thomas has had a lifelong interest in China, starting with his time in Hong Kong and, over the past 25 years.
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China's role in solving climate change
David talks about Australia’s potential role in working with China to solve Climate change issues, and the critical importance and value of Australia’s chinese community as a ‘bridge’ to our future in the Asian Century.
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David's passion for China
Tim Harcourt reflects on David Thomas’s unique family background in Hong Kong and his early days in Australia when he organised study tours, missions and delegations to encourage Australian executives and investors to see China for themselves.
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Relationships and Hierarchy in China
David explains the importance of building relationships before transactions and why this is so important in a hierarchical culture like China.
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Australia - China Relations and the Nine Bends Bridge
David discusses the 50 year diplomatic relationship between Australia, the important roles of Prime Ministers Gough Whitlanm and John Howard, the current political challenges and his hopes for the future.
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David reveals the most exciting business opportunity in the world today, why there has never been a better time to capitalise on it, and how you can fast-track your efforts to get started on your own China journey.
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How to do Business in China

Episode 1: How to Build Relationships in China

Episode 2: How To Deal with Hierarchy in China

Episode 3: How to Communicate in China