China Invest Interview Series: Episode 4 with Qi Wang

Qi Wang podcast

Qi Wang is the co-founder and CIO of MegaTrust Investment (HK), a boutique China manager specialising in investing in China A-shares (domestic Chinese stocks). He is also the creator of ‘Daily Reflection on China’, a financial newsletter offering local news and curated insights on Chinese stocks, including ADRs.

China Invest Interview Series: Episode 3 with James Liu

James Liu podcast

James Liu, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Neo-Criterion Capital Ltd. (“NCC”), has 27 years of research and investment experience in the China and Greater equity markets. He is one of the pioneers in the QFII investment after the scheme was launched in 2002. In 2014, he co-founded NCC and has managed assets for blue […]

China Invest Interview Series: Episode 2 with Thomas Kwan

Thomas Kwan Podcast

Thomas Kwan is CEO of Harvest Global Investments, responsible for the company’s business development and investment platform. He is also the Head of ESG of the parent Harvest Fund Management, leading sustainable investing initiatives of the group. Thomas is a veteran investor with over 20 years’ asset management experience in Asia.

China Invest Interview Series: Episode 1 with Shifeng Ke

Shifeng Ke interview

Shifeng Ke is the CEO, CIO and Portfolio Manager for the Open Door Group. For 14 years he was the senior portfolio manager for Martin Currie Investment Management Limited providing research and investment management services to its clients investing in the Greater China (including Taiwan) markets. Shifeng and his team managed a range of China […]