Australian Businesses increasingly concerned about stoush with China. Australians with business interests in Hong Kong and mainland China fear they could be caught in the middle of the stand-off between Beijing and Canberra. The Sino-Australian relationship has worsened dramatically since April, when Australia called for an independent international inquiry into the outbreak of COVID-19. The tit-for-tat between the two countries continued this week after the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade warned Australians may face “arbitrary detention” if they visit mainland China. The announcement was met by an angry missive from the Chinese embassy which labelled the claim as “completely ridiculous and disinformation.” David Thomas, president of the Australia China SME Association, said businesses were “worried” by the escalating tensions. “Of course they’re worried, but right now it’s mainly noise,” Mr Thomas told The New Daily.  “For the Australian economy to ‘snap back’ and to avoid a long and painful recession, we will need to be on good terms with our biggest trading partner. Read More on The New Daily 

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