Australia needs a plan to recover from the current economic crisis. ACSME believes that our largest trading partner, China, offers enormous potential for the import, export and commercialisation of Australian products, services and capabilities in the world’s fastest growing economy.

China has the MONEY and the MARKET

China has the MONEY:


China has the MARKET:

Get the support you need to engage in the China market

Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) represent over 99% of all companies operating in Australia, including those from some of the most dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative sectors of our economy, and employ 70% of the working population. China’s large and growing market of entrepreneurs, investors and consumers creates unique opportunities for Australian SMEs who are flexible, nimble and have access to the necessary knowledge, networks and support.

If you are an SME business owner, investor or entrepreneur looking to engage in the China market and seek support, you can visit the Australia China SME Association.

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