Episode 10: The Penfolds success story in China

penfolds success story in china

Penfolds Wine enjoyed huge success in China as a result of excellent timing, a determined CEO, a sizeable marketing budget plus a bit of good luck. As a result, the Penfolds brand is regarded as being in the top 3 of the most successful Australian brands in China, and Penfolds labels have dominated the list […]

‘Brand Heidi’ in China

Heidi Dugan is a living, breathing and inspiring story of success in China over 26 years. An entrepreneur, actress and TV host with a viewership of over 6 million people, Heidi is a highly sought after ambassador and adviser to large and small foreign brands, especially in the health, wellness, food and beverage categories, and […]

Episode 8: Blackmores – an Australian success story in China

One of Australia’s greatest success stories in China is the leading health supplements brand, Blackmores, which has inspired many other brands to follow in their footsteps. The principal architect of their success is Peter Osborne, a former senior trade commissioner with Austrade, who joined Blackmore’s in 2009 to head up their Asian operations with responsibility […]

Two Hands: A modern and traditional success story to winning in China

Despite leading the way in innovation and technology in the food supply chain industry, Greg’s approach to doing business in China still involves building trusted relationships and the importance of family. Two Hands is a digital start-up that has reinvented food supply chains. Using blockchain and smart tagging technology it is changing the way the […]

Episode 6: Uscom thrives in China’s burgeoning healthcare sector

Uscom Ltd is an ASX listed medical technology company which was founded by Rob Phillips, a globally recognised innovator in the field of digital ultrasound. Rob has engineered the acquisition and integration of two international medical device companies and, for over the last 15 years, has been a pioneer in the development of China’s medical device market. China represents […]

Episode 5: Canva’s Hyperlocalization strategy for entering the China market

Canva is one of Australia’s leading design tech companies, raising over US$200 million at a valuation of USD $40 billion and placing it in a perfect position for global success. It’s well known as a popular graphic design platform, allowing users to design graphics for social media, presentations, posters, and other visual content. As part […]

Episode 3: How Mackas are navigating the Nine Bends Bridge into China

Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef was established in 1884, a proudly family-owned business now into its fourth generation, led by Robert and his children. Mackas uses some of the world’s best genetics to breed quality, grass-fed, grain-finished Angus Verified cattle which has captured the high standards required by the Chinese market since 2016.

Episode 2: Nutreat’s fast track entry into China’s booming aged care sector

Nutreat is a leading supplier of Australian sourced nutritional products to China’s senior living market, securing a licensing agreement to sell directly into aged care centres in Beijing and delivering delicious, nutrient-rich supplement powder and snacks for individuals who may need protein supplements, energy, vitamins and minerals in between or with meals. In this episode, […]

Episode 1: The story behind A.H Beard’s massive success in China.

A.H. Beard success in china

A.H. Beard is a 120 year old family business and a highly respected manufacturer of high quality bedding and mattresses in Australia which they export all over the world. Their business in China has exploded with over 50 showrooms and a local team who have seen the benefits of competing on quality and value rather […]